Blog – Target Market 3 Why Clients Love You

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Target Market 3 of 5:
Why Do Your Clients Love You?
(and keep coming back?)


Welcome to Rev Up Your Business!

This is video no. 3 in our 5 Part Series on your Target Market. Today what we’re going to be talking about is why your clients love you. What is it about you that they really want? Why do they keep coming back?

Now it’s said that your customers know only about 30% of what you do. Click to Tweet! So what we want to do is not to assume too much about what they know about us, ok? We don’t want to assume too much about what we know about them, meaning, don’t guess about why they come back. It could be many many things, like your price, or your service, or whatever it might be, but we want to find out from them.

So here’s the key thing:
Have a talk with your customers and find out from them what is it that they really value about what you do and why they continue to come back.

It’s really important that we do this.
Because, think of your best clients – we want to have more of those right?

So let’s make sure that we’re clear on what they value in us…
So we can make sure we get even better at those things Click to Tweet! and craft our message – which is going to be the topic of our next video – that really appeals to those types of customers, so that we can attract even more of them and create a business where we really enjoy working with great people that really like us, everyday.

Ok, so that’s it, have a conversation with your clients about why they like you. Nice and easy.

See you next time when we’re going to be talking about how to craft a message to attract even more of those clients.


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