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Target Market 4 of 5:
The Right Message to the Right Market 

Dan Holstein here with another Rev Up Your Business: Video 4 in our 5 Part Series on your Target Market.

What have we learned so far?
We’ve gotten clarity on our Psychographic of our clients, who we really want to work with. We’ve talked about their profitability, we know how to identify our most profitable customers. And we also have talked with our customers to find out what they love about us.

Now, armed with that information:
It’s time to go to market! So today we’re talking about “What is the message that we take to market?”

Through our interview process with our clients:
We would have found there are certain things that all of our clients love about who we are and what we do.

And then there’s going to be the differences
that you’ll notice between the different industries that you serve.

For example:
If you serve manufacturers, but also distribution, you might find that there’s different things that they value and different challenges that they have that you’re able to solve for them.

So when we’re going to market
we want to make sure that we speak to those different challenges. We don’t want to just have a generic message. Or it won’t have the correct impact and not everyone is going to be as attracted to us.

We want to get clear on, first of all:
What are the things that all of our clients value – we want to speak to that in our marketing. Additionally, what are the separate things that each of your different client types really value in you? Click to Tweet!

And then we want to slice up our marketing
so that when we’re reaching out to manufacturers, we’re speaking to our common things that they love about us, Click to Tweet! and the problems that we can solve. And then the specific things that they really value, that are hot-button items for them, that are important to them, and they’ll see us as the de-facto standard of the person that can help them with those challenges. And that will be different than what we might say to someone in retail. Even though we’re maybe offering the same service.

So they’re going to see things differently.
We want to get really clear on that. So when we go to market, we’re attracting more of the best clients, that really enjoy us, that are profitable, that we like to be with, and they see us as the best person to help them solve their challenges.

So that’s it for this week!

Next time it’s going to be…about…how to get rid of the clients you don’t like. I’ve got a neat little process for you on that one. I look forward to sharing that with you next week.

Have a good one!

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