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Want to Close More Sales?
Have a Written Guarantee




Hey everyone, Dan Holstein coming to you here with another Rev Up Your Business video. And I guarantee this is going to be a good one because it’s all about…guarantees!


Do you have a written guarantee for your business? If you don’t, you should, and here’s why: the guarantee serves to remove the fear in the buying process.Tweet: Have a written guarantee for your business? You should, as it removes the fear in the buying process #sales #dan_holstein #actioncoach [click to tweet] It helps your customers step over the line. If they’re teetering on “oh, should I or shouldn’t I?” and you have a written guarantee of all of your services and what your commitment to your client is, that’s going to help them make the decision to go with you.


See, when people are buying, if they’re not sure, if there’s any little bit of fear, we need to help them have that fear removed and a guarantee does just that. So here’s what a guarantee does for your clients:


1. All the things that you absolutely will do, that they’re afraid won’t happen.

2. What will never happen that they’re afraid might happen.


A great way to start with this is, finding out what are all the things your customers are afraid will happen from working with someone in your industry, and the things they’re afraid won’t happen. For example: Are you not going to get the job done? Is the price going to change? Is the timeline going to change? Is it returnable? Will you stand behind your product or service if it goes bad?


So for all the things you would do for your clients anyways if they had a challenge, put it in writing.


And when I tell people this, they say “Oh Dan, but people will to rip me off.” Well maybe. Maybe someone is going to take advantage of you, but the vast majority will not. And it’s going to lead to more closed business for you.


I guarantee, most of your competitors don’t have a written guarantee so that’s one more way you can differentiate yourself and make you be the clear and safe choice for your clients to buy from.


Remove the fear, have a guarantee, you’re just guaranteeing what you’d to do for them anyways so it’s nice and easy. Tweet: Remove the fear, have a written guarantee. You’re just guaranteeing what you’d to do for them anyways #sales #actioncoach #dan_holstein [click to tweet] Stand out head and shoulders above your clients and get some new clients with your guarantee.


If you have any questions on how to craft a guarantee, contact me, let me know, and I’ll help you out with that. Okay?


See you soon,


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