Blog – Who is Rubbing Off On You

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” -Sir Winston Churchill, Former British Prime Minister

Who’s Rubbing Off On You? 

This Week’s Question for you: Who are you hanging out with?

Are they helping you achieve what you want to achieve? Or are they dragging you down? Jim Rohn talks about: “Expanded Association” and “Limited Association”.

Expanded Association means that you’re hanging out with a crowd or a group that’s helping inspire you, encourage you, make you feel positive, optimistic, and they’re talking about bigger things! They’re talking about ideas, not just people and events.

And then limit your association with people that are small in their scope of what they think they can do.

Everyone that you hang around influences you in some way.  

So who are you hanging out with is the question I want you to be thinking about this week, as you go about your day, building your business.  Are you hanging out with people that are expand your vision of what you can do, encouraging you to try new things, and set higher goals, and go for it?  Or are they the nay-sayers that are saying “why would you do that?” “oh, I don’t think you can do that…” etc. Not that there’s anything wrong with those folks; they just have a smaller vision than you might have.

So hang out with people that are helping you grow, helping you feel encouraged, and are also doing big things that you can learn from.

Their influence is rubbing off on you, so just be careful about who you’re hanging out with, and choose folks that are helping you expend your horizons.

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