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Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.” -Steve Jobs, Founder, Apple Inc.

Your Unreasonable Friend 

Dan: I’m here with my special guest presenter, my secret weapon, Lindsay Slavin, welcome!

Lindsay: Hello!

Dan: We’re talking about “Why is it important to have a Coach?” So first of all, what is a Coach?

Lindsay: A Coach is somebody who is going to help you identify your goals; they’re going to help you identify the steps to help you get closer to those goals, and they’re going to hold you accountable to achieving them, to taking those steps, to bring you closer to achieving your goals. 

Dan: Ah! Accountability. Scary *shudder*.

Do you have an unreasonable friend to be your Coach? That person could be the key to helping you grow your business where you want it to be!

Whoever that may be – a mentor, a relative, a business peer, or even me – there’s one important feature: Accountability.

Give me call or an email if you’d like to talk to me about being your Coach, aka your Unreasonable Friend!

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