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Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” -Sir Winston Churchill, Former British Prime Minister

Zapper or Sapper?  

I’ve got a question for you this week: Are you a Zapper or a Sapper?

What’s the difference?

Click the video below to find out…


A Zapper is person who you feel great around. They’ve got a great warm handshake, they’re smiling, energized, and you feel great just being there, being in their presence.

A Sapper, conversely, is somebody that is a downer, they’re kinda low and takes your energy away.

Which are you?

So what does it matter if we’re a Zapper or a Sapper?

There’s a domino effect to how we show up to life. The energy that we have, the energy that we share with everybody around us, impacts them as well.

In business, it’s so important to have a good energy, because if you don’t, you’re not going to energize your staff, they’re not going to feel motivated or excited to do what they do.
Your prospects probably won’t want to hang around you, so you have less chance of actually selling to them.

Click the video above to watch the rest! (2mins:08)

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