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Let’s talk about “Distinctions”.
And I don’t mean “awards of distinction”, but small little learnings that you can use in your life and your business. It’s something that you learn that’s really small, maybe even seemingly insignificant, but as a catalyst, can really make a big difference in an outcome that’s important to you.


Innovate Your Market

My question for you this week: Is there something in your business you feel would be a great innovation, but maybe you’ve held off doing it because you feel you might alienate some of your clients?


The Cost of Not Having Fun

Do you have fun at work? Does your team?


Encourage and Reward

One of the things we talk about at GrowthCLUB, our 90 Day Planning Session, is SMART goals, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, and Time-Bound…

There’s another little part that I want to share with you – SMARTER goals. And the ER on the end of it, stands for Encourage and Reward!
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Sprint vs Marathon 

A Marathon is 42.2km. That’s a long distance.  A Sprint can be anywhere from 50 to 100 to 200 meters. Not so far.
In the context of our goals…


Excuse Busters! 

January is a great time because there’s energy and momentum and enthusiasm!
Soon, after the planning, when the work begins, we can start to lose a bit of momentum.


I’ll be Happy When-itis

We set out to achieve our Goal…
We’re putting in the hard yards, work, work, work, learning, growing, and getting out of our comfort zone, applying ourselves, and really doing the work to achieve things…


Do Something for Your Clients

About 68% of clients leave a business as a customer because of “perceived indifference”…they think that you don’t care! 

But I bet you do. There is a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors and have a great reason to reach out to your customers…


Fire Yourself!

I’ve got two questions for you:

1. Do you want to grow your business?
2. What do you do in your business?

There’s a simple exercise for you to do so you can fire yourself…check it out…


Your Unreasonable Friend

Do you have an unreasonable friend to be your Coach? That person could be the key to helping you grow your business where you want it to be!

Whoever that may be – a mentor, a relative, a business peer, or even me – there’s one important feature: Accountability.

Accountability…scary *shudder*.


I’m on a Boat.

I’m here with my good friend,

Dan Ott of White Willow Designs.We’re out sailing on Dan’s boat in the beautiful Burlington/Hamilton Harbour. It’s Friday afternoon and just having a little fun relaxing and getting to know each others business a little bit better, and Dan made a really good point about direction…


Are We Having Fun Yet?

How can fun improve every part of your business, including the bottom line?


Build a Marketing Plan that Works

Why have a Marketing Plan?

Marketing is the mechanism that we use to gain new business and new clients.


Making Things Easy

Sometimes in life there are things that we want to accomplish, and we make it out to be a bigger deal than it is.

We might think “This has got to happen,
and then this,
and this,
and the next thing

Pretty soon, the thing that we wanted to accomplish turns into a really large project!

We might not have the bandwidth, the mindset, or the energy, to do it.


Top 3 Ways Billable Time (and Profit) Trickles Away


A little bit of time every day added up over the year in lost technician billable time could be costing your service business thousands of dollars!

I want to share with you the TOP 3 THINGS that I see leading to this problem.


Don’t Break Your Seinfeld Chain to Success

Jerry Seinfeld, one of the most successful comics ever was going on a tv show and there was an up and coming comic that was in the Green Room before going on set and was asking “How did you become so successful?” And in Jerry’s way, he said “I just don’t break the chain.” And the young comic says “What chain?”

I find that when talking with business owners that they find it’s difficult to get and stay consistent on their most important tasks because life and business just gets in the way. So I want to share with you a little story and a technique so that you can gain and maintain your consistency in doing the successful things that you need to do to achieve your goals.


How One Hour a Day is Costing You Thousands

Sometimes when we’ve got a challenge, let’s say a profitability challenge in the service business, we need to break it down and try figure out what is the exact scenario that’s leading to the profitability challenge that we might have.

So let’s make the assumption that we’re a service business; we have people that go out in a vehicle perhaps, and they’re delivering service.

Either they’re installing things or fixing things, or even doing projects, and we need to track their time. They’re billing by the hour, or they’re billing by the project and we want to be able to track their profitability in each project.


Target Market 5 of 5:
Clients That Just Don’t Fit

What do we do with the clients we already have – the ones you look after but they’re not your best fit?

They might not value you as much as your best clients do…
they may not be as profitable. They might not pay as quickly. Generally they’re C or D clients that you’ve got for one reason or another, but they’re not your ideal, and they might end up taking up a lot of your time.

How do make sure that we can focus on our Number 1 customers and not on these guys?


Target Market 4 of 5:
The Right Message to the Right Market

Through our interview process with our clients:
We would have found there are certain things that all of our clients love about who we are and what we do.

And then there’s going to be the differences that you’ll notice between the different industries that you serve. For example: If you serve manufacturers, but also distribution, you might find that there’s different things that they value and different challenges that they have that you’re able to solve for them.


Target Market 3 of 5:
Why Do Your Clients Love You?
(and keep coming back?)

Today what we’re going to be talking about is why your clients love you.  What is it about you that they really want? Why do they keep coming back?


Target Market 2 of 5: Who Are Your Most Profitable Customers?

Who are your most profitable customers?
Is it the ones that you like the most? Today what we’re going to be talking about is why your clients love you. What is it about you that they really want? Why do they keep coming back? do the most work and service for? Could be. How do we know? We want to do a little test called the 80-20 Test.


Target Market 1 of 5:
Psychographic (not Demographic) 

What is the Psychographic of your business?
Not the Demographic – the technical stuff of where they are – but the Psychographic. That is, what is it you like about your best customers. Let’s get really clear on who are best people are. Who do we want to attract?


Opening the Magic Box

One simple strategy successful people use to solve new challenges in business…

The Magic Box looks just an ordinary box. It opens, BUT there’s no obvious way of HOW to open it.

If you’re working on a new challenge and you’re getting stuck, don’t keep doing the same thing over and over. We know what that’s called right? Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.


USP: Different is Better 

Let’s talk about your uniqueness. Are you like these trucks where your customers can’t tell you apart? What makes you different than your competitors? Have you ever thought about it?

Let’s talk about your competitors for a second:
What makes them different than you?
What makes them better at what they do than you?


Systems are Your Ticket to Freedom

Have you ever asked an employee to look after something and when you checked on their results, it was NOTHING like you had expected? Interesting that somehow from the time the request left your mouth, to when it was heard, it got scrambled.


Want to Close More Sales?
Have a Written Guarantee

Do you have a written guarantee for your business? If you don’t, you should, and here’s why: the guarantee serves to remove the fear in the buying process. It helps your customers step over the line. If they’re teetering on “oh, should I or shouldn’t I?” and you have a written guarantee of all of your services and what your commitment to your client is, that’s going to help them make the decision to go with you. 


Growing Out of Business

Why do businesses go out of business? (Maybe they give too much away).

I’m standing in the grounds of an abandoned amusement park, strangely enough. (Hopefully Old Man Jenkins doesn’t come chasing me!)

This is a place that I used to come to as a kid, and as you can see now, it’s clearly out of business and over-grown. And I’m always curious as to why these things happen. Why do businesses go out of business?

I was thinking about something that a business owner said to me a week or so ago…

One of their suppliers told them to drop their price by about $800 on a $2000 item, and just sell more!